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Decopac - Sales Representatives

All Lucks products are available through your DecoPac Sales Representative, as well as shoppable at decopac.com or in the Decopac catalog. Plus, you can order DecoPac products, such as supplies, Decosets and licensed products, from lucks.com! Lucks is the proud manufacturer of all DecoPac colors.

Contact Name

Regions Served


Dwight SeiterArkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas 817-296-9062
Fred GoodmanNew York 732-591-1071
Hector RogerFlorida, Puerto Rico 321-961-6660
Lynn GoringAlabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, West Virgina 615-397-2982
MacKenzie LovroConnecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire 763-398-7885
Mel FonteWashington D.C., Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia 410-842-5737
Paul TentisMinnesota 612-790-8198
Terry MaloneyIllinois, Wisconsin 773-636-6322
Traci BezinkaOhio, West Virginia 763-398-5678