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With rising interest in gourmet donuts, consumers are seeking new and unique ways to celebrate with donut products. Lucks Ultimate Donut Program meets this need.

Consumers are choosing donuts as the centerpiece for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. Stacking donuts into towers, decorating them for dessert tables and creating sheet-cake sized donuts for a crowd gives them a reason to orde your party-ready donuts. Showcasing donuts for celebratory events increases demand.

Our recommended program makes celebrating with donuts more profitable, with themes and designs your customers will love. Ordinary donuts become extraordinary with a few simple additions. Offer donuts from all three categories and join this profitable trend.

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The staple of every donut shop and bakery, these donuts go from entry-level to star status with special flavors and fun shapes, dipped in colored icing and adorned with fun edible decorations. Your everyday donut becomes a stand out in the bakery with a few small tweaks, leading to an opportunity for upselling! These donuts are ready to party! Consumers are embracing donuts more than ever as a feature of their special events. Offer donuts in different party-ready formats: sheet cake donuts, displayed on tiers and built into towers. Use for birthdays, weddings, graduations, holidays and baby showers! Market your donuts for special events and customers will order them. These elegant and trendy donuts feature gourmet flavor profiles, upscale ingredients and toppings. They are a decadent treat consumers will stand in line to buy. More than just a donut, they are both a dessert and an indulgence. We even created a special line of edible decorations for upselling the fanciest designer donut, allowing customers to turn a donut into a gift!