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By Icing Type

American Buttercream

      • Apply Edible Image® design while icing is tacky.
      • If frosting crusts beforehand, mist lightly with water.

Cooked European Buttercream

      • If you have trouble with the image melding, mist frosting lightly with water.
      • Too high of a butter ratio in this icing can effect the Edible Image® designs ability to properly adhere to the dessert.

Nondairy/Dairy Whipped Topping

      • The moisture content of this topping is already perfect for adherence. No need to add any additional moisture or water.

Frozen Whipped Topping or Icing

      • Before applying your Edible Image® design to the cake surface, be sure ice crystals have fully melted.

Run Royal Icing

      • Allow icing to dry before attempting to apply Edible Image® design - the moisture content is too high for immediate application.
      • After icing is dry, lightly brush clear piping gel or simple syrup only to area to be covered with design.

Royal Icing

      • Add a generous mist of water (being careful to avoid puddles) before icing dries to prevent crusting before application.


    • Using clear potable alcohol, such as vodka or Everclear, spray an even coat over fondant with airbrush.
    • Apply Edible Image® design immediately to fondant’s surface.