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Shimmer Airbrush Colors

What are they?

Lucks Shimmer Airbrush Colors are for airbrushing metallic shine onto cakes and other desserts. Approved for food use in the USA, they add a beautiful finish to your creations. Orthodox Union Kosher Certified.

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  • Shake the bottle before you begin. 
  • When airbrushing, set your machine at 25 to 30 psi rather than the airbrush colors setting of 18 to 20 psi.
  • Always close the top after use.
  • Agitate bottle regularly when refilling airbrush color cup.
  • Keep cap clean and regularly brush away any shimmer build up. Just like regular airbrush color, if flakes of dried Shimmer Airbrush Color drop into your color cup, rinse cup thoroughly with plain water before continuing.
  • Rinse your gun thoroughly with plain water after each work session.
  • Shimmer shows itself off best on curves and corners. 
  • Watch your work area for overspray. Shimmer will appear as dust on the work surface. It cleans up easily from tables and skin with plain water.  


Airbrushing Shimmer onto products including: 

·         Dec-Ons® Decorations

·         Royal Icing Roses

·         Buttercream

·         Fondant

·         Colored Icings

·         Colored Decorations

·         Gumpaste Flowers

·         Fresh Flowers

·         Chocolate

    Non Dairy* 



*If your non-dairy whipped topping likes to be airbrushed, Shimmer will work on it.

Gumpaste Flowers
Lucks carries a line of pre-made gumpaste flowers that can also be airbrushed with Shimmer Airbrush Colors.   

If you are finishing your own gumpaste pieces with shimmer, shape them first before airbrushing them. 

Let them dry before placing on cake.

Fondant Pieces
Airbrush fondant pieces and allow them to dry before placing on the cake. 

Lucks Royal Icing Roses
Shimmer Airbrush Colors work wonderfully on Lucks Royal Icing Roses. They dry quickly and can be handled almost immediately. Because Royal Icing Roses are harder than buttercream roses, they accept airbrushing without losing shape. They can also easily be airbrushed away from the cake while still in the box and then transferred to the cake for the cleanest look, without overspray. 

Chocolate: Although Shimmer Airbrush Colors are water-based, they can be successfully used on chocolate. The surface of the confection should be grease-free, and coats should be applied very lightly and in successive layers. Allow each layer to dry before applying another. White and milk chocolate accepts these colors better than dark chocolate.


  • Shimmer can be sprayed onto anything that you have airbrushed in the past.
  • Just like airbrushing regular food color, use long even strokes of the brush. If you want deeper color, airbrush more than one coat, allowing each to dry before applying the next. Shimmer will puddle if you spray heavily in one area, so keep the airbrush moving. If your color has puddled, use a fine bristle paintbrush to gently smooth the problem area and let dry before spraying again. This is not possible with regular airbrush food colors, only with Shimmer.